Choosing a good domain name

The steps you need to ensure you have a good domain name

First things first…

  • You’ll need a or .com – these will rank in the search engines better than any other domain extension. – You will notice your competition also has and .com
  • Always think what your potential customer would type in the search engines, we cannot express how important it is to have your “keyword” in your domain name
  • Try to keep your domain name short – shorter domain names generally rank better with search engines (not always, but generally)
  • Research your domain name – It’s always good to check a domain names history
  • A domain name which is easy to say and pronounce when your telling a potential customer to visit your website is always a good start
  • Try keep it unique and brandable – (If you are trying to create and establish a brand)
  • Try to avoid numbers and different characters in domain names, such as (- and _)
  • Remember to keep your domain ideas to yourself, we have some clients who have spoken of their domain idea to someone and when they come to set it up on a Friday the domain was registered on a Monday and not by them, by a potential competitor. (Loose lips sink ships)

Where to buy your domain name?

We use 123-reg and have done for the past 15 years.

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